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Your Shared Grocery List — Reinvented


Your Shared Grocery List — Reinvented

Fantastic news for our iOS users!’s Smart Grocery List has just landed!

TL:DR — The new grocery list feature:

● Sorts your items by aisles (yes, really!)
● Allow you to create multiple lists for different stores
● Auto-detects grocery items and allows you to move them to the right list
● Makes it easy to share your grocery lists with anyone
● Copy online recipe ingredients into your clipboard and the list would help you import and sort them automatically
● Already works in 10 different languages and will soon be rolled out in more.
● Works seamlessly with Alexa Shopping list / Alexa Grocery list

Grocery list shopping is one of the most common routine tasks people use for. Today we are happy to share that our iOS users can now expect a whole new grocery list experience, that will completely transform the way you shop at the grocery store. With our latest release for iPhone and iPad, users will no longer have to see their grocery and shopping items next to their to-do’s.

When making a list to take to the grocery store, items can be easily added via a designated quick-add bar, while being automatically categorized by our oh-so-smart algorithm. In-store, items can be quickly checked or unchecked, edited or even moved when necessary. You can create multiple lists for different stores. To make sure you don’t forget anything at the store, share your lists with your partner or family members.

Getting Started

Once you upgrade your app’s version, a new Grocery icon will be added to both your Tasks and Calendar views at the top left corner of your screen.

Tapping on this icon will open up the Grocery List menu, from which you can view your lists, create new ones and remove those which you no longer need. Utilizing a smart algorithm, once we detect grocery items within a specific list in your account, will automatically offer to convert the list into a Grocery checklist — or simply offer to move those items only.

With the new Grocery list feature, you can —

  1. Create as many lists as you want (one for each store?)
  2. Automatically have items sorted by category.
  3. Share your list(s) with your loved ones for easy household shopping.
  4. Manually change categorization to best suit your preferred stores.
  5. Turn your Alexa lists to designated Grocery Lists for smart shopping.
  6. Print your lists for a convenient hard copy.
  7. Add and sort items in your native language thanks to our multiple languages support.
  8. Check and uncheck items in reusable lists, so you never forget a thing!

The feature was designed with real people’s shopping experience in mind. will accompany you through store aisles, keeping you focused only on what you’ve set out to buy — ensuring a smart, cost-effective and fun experience.

Currently, the feature is available for iOS users only. However, don’t you worry Android users! Your wait will be short as the feature is already being worked on, after which it will be developed for our Web app as well 🙂

Google Inbox
To-do list,

Goodbye Google Inbox, Hello

Gmail and together are the best Google Inbox Alternative

Back in 2014, a radical move was made by Gmail creators, announcing the next level of email – Google’s Inbox. Introducing a unique ‘bundles’ feature along experimental features – such as snoozed emails, to-do integration, and reply reminders – Inbox was a productivity playground for all email purposes, embraced by Gmail most avid users worldwide.

Nonetheless, despite cultivating a strong global fan base, Google just announced that Inbox will be meeting its untimely end early next year – dealing a major blow to loyal users who relied on the product’s unique experience.

Fortunately, Inbox users don’t need to look too far to try and find equally good productivity tools. has everything you need to make the transition back to Gmail easy, fun and extremely satisfying. Read on to learn all about our solutions to 5 of the most beloved Inbox features:

android wear
To-do list, For Android Wear is now Available


Good news Android users! We know how much you love your wearable devices for their multitasking, on-the-go, capabilities. With’s latest development, our app is now officially supporting all wear devices. With just a simple set up, you too can now enjoy a compact task manager – straight from your wrist!

To-do list,

Add Tasks Faster with Our New Copy-Paste Feature


It’s funny how the smallest of things can make make a strong impact on your routine. Until now, adding tasks from 3rd party apps or copying lists provided by your colleagues/ friend to your account could become a hassle. Especially when those lists contained more than a few items.

With our brand new ‘paste from clipboard’ feature, we’ve eliminated this bit of extra effort! No more wasting time copying individual items. With this small yet powerful addition to our app, users with various sources of task-inputting will be able to instantly power up their productivity.

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