+ Amazon Alexa: Custom Lists Integration

You asked for it and we delivered – Alexa multi list sync is finally here!

Starting today, you can create multiple lists on your Alexa app which will automatically sync to your account. Moreover, you can now sync any of your tasks to your Alexa lists as well.

Supporting multiple lists was by far the most highly requested feature by Any.doers who connected their account with Alexa – so we are extremely excited to finally have it out.

How does it work?

You can activate this integration either from your Alexa app, or directly from the app.

Activating via the App

  1. Go to Settings -> Connect to Amazon Alexa
  2. You’ll be directed to your Alexa app -> Skill page
  3. Click to Enable the skill and log-in to your account – finished!

Activating via the Alexa App

  1. In the Skill search, look for
  2. Click to Enable the skill and log-in to your account – finished!

Now, Watch the Magic Happens!

Tasks added through your Alexa account will be synced to your account and vice versa. No more restrictions – you now have full control over which lists to sync!

To alter the lists at any given time, simply go to your account’s Settings. Don’t forget to give us some love and rate the Skill on the Alexa app! 


  • Is this only available for preminum subscribers? Both my app and Alexa are up to date and I don’t have this option. Only the default Alexa lists are available.

  • Hi Laura,

    The feature is available for all, not just premium users. If you are located in the US you should have Amazon custom lists feature, if you don’t see it please contact our support for further assistance – customers[at]

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