Goodbye Distractions, Hello Focus

Most of us think it takes a minute or two to return to focusing after we get distracted when actually, studies have shown it...
Omer Perchik
1 min read

Your Highway to Productivity: + Siri Shortcuts

Apple just recently released their update to Siri with the brand new addition of ‘Shortcuts’. These easy quick-actions enable you to shorten your time... Team
1 min read

Your Shared Grocery List — Reinvented

Fantastic news for our iOS users!’s Smart Grocery List has just landed! Team
1 min read Alexa Skill: Now Available in Canada , India,…

Great news! After its successful launch last year, we are super excited to announce that starting today the Skill for Amazon Alexa is expanding... Team
1 min read

New Apple Watch App –  Turn Your Watch into a…

Bring your Apple Watch to life with’s watch app. Our brand new Apple Watch app is ready for download! Team
1 min read

We’re listening – Features Update – Custom Snooze, iPad…

Our UserVoice platform has been up and running for years now, acting as one of the biggest sources of inspiration when it comes to... Team
1 min read

The New Widget for Android Is Here and You…

We are excited to introduce our new widget for Android: The best of – straight on your home screen. Team
1 min read + Amazon Alexa: Custom Lists Integration

You asked for it and we delivered – Alexa multi list sync is finally here! Team
51 sec read

Slack meet

In a matter of just few years, Slack has established itself as one of the most important platforms for getting things done. Teams from all... Team
1 min read
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