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Import Wunderlist Tasks into

Wunderlist is a great app for managing tasks and projects, but after Microsoft’s acquisition of the company behind the product they decided to sunset...
33 sec read

Turn Evernote Notes & Reminders into Tasks

Evernote has over 250m users worldwide for its highly popular note-taking service. Evernote allows you to store, share and keep track of new ideas,...
40 sec read

How to Keep Meetings Productive

Meetings are one of the most powerful business weapons in the competitive business world. Are your meetings as effective as they could be? Scheduling...
Aleeza Mandel
6 min read

OneNote Items into Tasks

Whether you are taking notes during your work meetings or a class, notes are important for a reason. You can memorize your notes as...
43 sec read

Import Google Tasks to

With Zapier, you can connect Google Tasks to so that anytime you add a new task, list, or complete a new task, your...
34 sec read

The Complete Guide for Apple Calendar

Throughout this article are all the tips, tricks and unique ways for you and 1.4 other billion users to use Apple Calendar. You can...
Aleeza Mandel
12 min read

Import Todoist task into

Throughout our workweek, we are required to manage our schedules on a daily basis. However, it’s nice to know what we have for work...
36 sec read

Turn Pocket Items into Tasks

Pocket is a great tool for you to capture and consume all types of content. However, we keep hearing from our users that they...
32 sec read

The Complete Guide for Yahoo Calendar

Yahoo Calendar isn’t used by most people, but it still has some unique features you can learn from. Being one of the largest calendar...
16 min read
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