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Your Highway to Productivity: + Siri Shortcuts

Apple just recently released their update to Siri with the brand new addition of ‘Shortcuts’. These easy quick-actions enable you to shorten your time...
1 min read

Your Shared Grocery List — Reinvented

Fantastic news for our iOS users!’s Smart Grocery List has just landed!
1 min read

Goodbye Google Inbox, Hello

Gmail and together are the best Google Inbox Alternative Back in 2014, a radical move was made by Gmail creators, announcing the next...
3 min read

You Won’t Believe What Da-Vinci’s To-Do List Looks Like

Calculating the measurements of entire cities, finding out how walls exist without loopholes and drawing Milan like it’s nobody’s business – these are only...
56 sec read Alexa Skill: Now Available in Canada , India,…

Great news! After its successful launch last year, we are super excited to announce that starting today the Skill for Amazon Alexa is expanding...
1 min read For Android Wear is now Available

Good news Android users! We know how much you love your wearable devices for their multitasking, on-the-go, capabilities. With’s latest development, our app...
44 sec read

Boost Your Productivity by Color Coding Your To-Do List

We see you Any.doers — and we raise you a new feature! Your patience just paid off – we are super excited to introduce you to...
2 min read

Hack: How To Share Your Calendar

Sharing your tasks and lists via is a given. But — did you know that you can also share your calendar? 🙂
1 min read

Add Tasks Faster with Our New Copy-Paste Feature

It’s funny how the smallest of things can make make a strong impact on your routine. Until now, adding tasks from 3rd party apps...
59 sec read
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