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To-do list, launches a smart grocery list that saves you time

We’re pleased to announce’s all-new smart grocery list: a new way to make your grocery shopping experiences easier, smarter and far more personalized.

For years we’ve been helping people completing tasks and making lists. One of the most popular uses of our app was always to help families, roommates and couples to create and organize a shared grocery list that fits everyone’s needs. When we started digging into the shopping lists data, we’ve seen that %31 of the users use to manage grocery lists, with hundreds of thousands of grocery items added every month. We decided we must better serve this time-consuming, recurring activity, and developed our grocery list feature, that will save our users valuable time and hassle.

What’s so special about our new grocery list?

  • Get Your Groceries Auto-Sorted by Aisles: When adding items to your grocery list on, our algorithms will automatically sort them by category and aisle: Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy & Cheese and many more. Auto-sorting helps you stay focused at the supermarket and streamlines the shopping experience.
  • Add Grocery Items In Seconds: will suggest grocery items for you based on the grocery items you added in the past. It will detect items across all your lists and will aggregate them into a single shopping list – ready to go.
  • Run Multiple Grocery lists: Make a list for each of your favorite stores. supports an unlimited amount of smart grocery lists, so you can stay organized wherever you go.
  • Integrates Seamlessly With Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant: With the fast adoption of voice assistants and thanks to the deep integrations we’ve built with each of them, you can easily add items to your shopping list with your voice.
  • Easy To Share: Families, roommates, and couples can now easily share their grocery lists to collaborate easily and make sure nothing gets forgotten.
  • Supports English and 9 More Languages – The grocery list feature supports the top 10 languages of out of the gate and thanks to our always learning technology, we will be able to release more and more languages relatively quickly.

According to’s Founder & CEO, Omer Perchik: “Our goal is to help people save time and get more done. By analyzing the billions of tasks we’ve recorded to date and by utilizing some of the AI technologies we’ve built in-house, we managed to create a feature that streamlines a recurring hassle that we all share. It’s a great manifestation of the impact we want to create for our customers.”

December 2018 Printable Calendar​
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Set Yourself off to a Great New Year: December 2018 Printable Calendar

With the end of the year approaching and the holiday season just before us, December tends to be one of the toughest months to try and stick to a productive daily routine. In fact, most people prefer to wave their normal schedule altogether to get proper rest and enjoy this time with their family and friends. 

Although we completely support taking proper rest whenever you can; we believe that setting the foundation for an amazing new year should be done before January hits, ensuring you’re fully prepared to take on those New Year’s resolutions. 

By using’s printable calendar for December 2018, planning your month in advance will be quick and easy – leaving plenty of time to spend with the ones you love. for Gmail
To-do list, for Gmail: Create Action Items Straight from Your Inbox

Ever since Google’s announcement of shutting down Inbox, the emphasis has been made on making Gmail a more productive platform to measure up to its retired counterpart. To make the platform more efficient and keep users happy, Google started enhancing its third-party add-ons platform for Gmail, which allows users to access external applications without leaving their inbox.

With efficiency being the name of the game, we wasted no time developing a designated an Gmail add-on to turn your mailbox into a straight up productivity machine.

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Your Highway to Productivity: + Siri Shortcuts

Apple just recently released their update to Siri with the brand new addition of ‘Shortcuts’. These easy quick-actions enable you to shorten your time performing complex tasks on your iOS device, with custom voice-enabled shortcuts.’s vision is all about the quick and simple things you can do to make your day productive, which is why we were quick to jump on that bandwagon!

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